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Է: 2023/02/02 [19:55]  : 극ũ
Ʈ ̽
 ٸ μϱ Ϸ  ũ  ۰





û 2 ' ' Ҹ Ѱ 457 2023 ݱ λ縦  û ֺ 15ڸ üư ϼ 7 ڸ ̵ߴ.


6ڷ ̹ λ翡 û 5 ̻ ٹ 泲û â û Ⱥ Ʊ 泲û û缭 ûλ ѵ û 112ġջȲ û Ȱ Ȱ ̼ û â ߷ɵƴ.


û Ѱ ȫ Ӹư ּ 112ġջȲ Ȳ ̵ߴ.


õû ڽ Ѱ û 湫ȹȭ û ȣ Ѱ û û ȫ Ѱ û û ¿ Ѱ û ûҳ õû Ⱥ Ѱ û 뱸ġȸ ġå ξȰ ߴ.


̹ۿ û ȳܻ Ѱ ͻ 迵 Ⱥ ο ûαǴ ְ ǹ ȫ â 湫ȹȭ ġ Ѱ Ӹƴ.


ξȼ(û ׷) 絿 (û ű ) 賭 â(õû Ȱ) ȫ û 112ġջȲ(û 112ġջȲ) ۽ 湫ȹȭ(泲û ûαǴ) (û Ѱ = û ȫ) ֱԿ ͻ꼭(û ûαǴ) ȯ(û Ѱ = û 112ġջȲ) (û Ѱ = û ) Ÿ û ̵ߴ.


Ʒ 縦 '' Դϴ.

ص ̱ ϰ մϴ.

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The Jeonbuk Police Agency's 'general officer level staff' has been replaced

15 commanding officers, 7 front line chiefs Scheduled to take office on February 6th


Reporter Kim Hyun-jong


On the 2nd, the National Police Agency conducted a regular telegram for the first half of 2023 to 457 police officers, who are called the flower of the police, while 15 command positions were replaced at the Jeonbuk Office, and 7 police chiefs moved.


Ki-jae Nam, Chief of Geochang, Gyeongnam Office, Director of Security Investigation, Jeonbuk Office, Hoon-ki Park, Chief of Cheongyang Office, Chungnam Office, Director of Hearing Audit and Personnel Affairs, Do-yeon Han, Chief of Seogwipo, Jeju Office 112 Security General Situation Director Joo Hyeon-oh, Daejeon Office Living Safety Director, Jinan Police Station Chief Lee Seok-hyeon, Jeonnam Office Security Director, was appointed as Gochang Police Station Chief.


In addition, Superintendent Kwon Hyeon-oh, who was promoted to the Jeonbuk Office, was appointed as the public relations officer, and Kim Hyeon-ik, the detective chief, and Park Jong-sam, the Wanju chief, were moved to the situation team leader of the 112 Security General Situation Room.


In addition, Inspector Park Seung-joon, promoted to Incheon Office, heads the Police Planning and Information Equipment Division at Jeonbuk Office Superintendent Park Jong-ho, promoted to Jeonnam Office, is Chief of Security Division, Jeonbuk Office Superintendent Hong Jang-deuk, promoted to Seoul Office, Head of Investigation Department, Jeonbuk Office Superintendent Kim Tae-young, promoted to the main office, female youth of Jeonbuk Office Chief Superintendent Superintendent Yoo Yoon-sang, who served as the head of the Security Investigation Department at the Incheon Office, transferred to the head of the Buan Police Station, respectively, as the head of the Transportation Department of the Jeonbuk Office and the head of the Autonomous Police Policy Department of the Daegu Autonomous Police Commission.


In addition, Iksan Police Station Chief Superintendent Kim Jong-shin, Director of Public Safety and Information Affairs, Jeonbuk Office Security Investigation Director Kim Yeong-rok, Director of Kimje Police Station Lee In-yeong, Hearing Audit Human Rights Officer, Chief of Wanju Police Station Kwon Mi-ja, Director of Public Relations, Chief of Sunchang Police Station Superintendent Jeong Deok-gyo, Public Safety Inspector of Police Planning and Information Technology Division was appointed chief of staff.


Lastly, Ryu Jae-hyeok, head of Buan Police Station (Chief of Counter-terrorism Crisis Management Division) Yang Dong-hyeok, Chief of Jangsu Station (Head Office of Next Generation Kicks Promotion Team) Chief Nan-young Kim of Sunchang Police Station (Director of Life Safety Division, Incheon Metropolitan City) Kim Hong-hoon, Director of 112 General Public Security Situation Office, Jeonbuk Office (Gwangju Office 112 General Security Situation) Team Leader) Song Seung-hyeon (Chief of Police Planning and Information Technology Division) (Chungnam Office Hearing Audit Human Rights Officer) Kwon Chun-seok (Jeonbuk Office Promoted Chief Superintendent = Jeonnam Office Public Relations Officer) Choi Kyu-un (Chonnam Office Hearing Audit Human Rights Officer) Yang Jeong-hwan (Jeonbuk Office Promoted Superintendent = Jeonnam Office) 112 Public Security General Situation Office) Bae Sang-jin (promoted chief superintendent of Jeonbuk Office = Chief of Transportation Department of Jeonnam Office) and others moved to other city and provincial offices.




û = ȫ 赿 ̿ö űȹ ȿ å 迵ȣ å â å å ̹̰ åTF ġȻȲ ö ġȻȲ Ȳ ġȻȲ Ȳ ߼ ġȻȲ Ȳ 迵 ġȻȲ Ȳ ± ̷ġå  ѱ б߰ ˿å ڻ ġ â ġ ġȹ ̵ ȹ ؼ ȹ ̼ â  ̿ ׷ ȣ ڱԳ װ ̼ ° αǴ ȹ ȹ 籸 ű 絿 м ̻ ˺м 輱 ݺ˼ Ӱ ¹˼ ö ˼ ¾ ̹ȹ ļ Կ Ⱥְ ٸ Ⱥ˺м 强 Ⱥ ӿ.


û = ȫ 蹮 ûαǴ 112ġջȲ ű⼱ 112ġջȲ Ȳ ڻ 112ġջȲ Ȳ ŵ 112ġջȲǻȲ ż 112ġջȲ Ȳ ȯ 湫ȹ 湫ȹ 迵 λ米 ȭ żö 湫ȹ Ѹ񼭽 ö 湫ȹġ ̿ ׷ â м ̰ Ȳ ܻ ڱԼ ɻ ǰ âȯ ̹ ѿȾ м ¿ ˼ ȵ Ⱥ Ⱥ ̿ ûҳ Ӹ ûҳȣ ö 뼮 Ư ġȸ 籤 3⵿ ̱ 4⵿ ֿ 5⵿ 7⵿ ȸ Ӱ 22ȣ Ȳ Ư ߺμ 빮 ӵ ȭ 빮 念ö Ӽ ۼ â μ 輺 õ ߶ ڴ ϼ ȯ õ â Ȳ .


ϰû = ȫ ûαǴ Ʊ 112ġջȲ ѵ 112ġջȲ Ȳ 112ġջȲ Ȳ 湫ȹȭ ڽ ȣ ȳܻ ȫ Ľ ̹ Ⱥ Ȱ ȸ ûҳ ¿ ͻ꼭 ּ ο â ̼ ξȼ ڼ â ǹ .


û = ȫ Ἦ ûαǴ ֱԿ 112ġջȲ ȯ 112ġջȲ Ȳ κ 112ġջȲ Ȳ 湫ȹȭ žȰ غ ̺ ڿ Ȱ ڹ̿ ûҳ 󳲵 ġȸ ȣ ȫ ȼ â Ǽ 缭 ڼ 湫ȹȭ() .


ְû = ûαǴ ± 112ġջȲ Ȳ ȭ 迵 ȳ ⵿ Ⱥ â Ȱ ؽ .


Ⳳΰû = ȫ ûαǴ 112ġջȲ 112ġջȲ 112ġջȲ ڻ 112ġջȲ ̽¿ 湫ȹ ȭ ¿ ȭ ܻ ɻ ɻ ۺ ̹ м ȯ ݺ˼ ¹˼ 糲 Ȱ 赿 ûҳ ڿ ڿ ġȸ ⵿ μ ̿뼮 ߿ ϱ õ ± Ȼϼ ̹μ ü εμ μμ õ ֽ ǿռ ȫ ϳ 輮ȯ õ 濭 ȼ ̻ ּ ö 湫ȹ() ȣ 湫ȹ() 湫ȹ() ֱȣ 湫ȹ() .


Ϻΰû = ȫ ȣ ûαǴ 112ġջȲ 112ġջȲ ڵ 112ġջȲ ִ 湫ȹȭ ȣ ɻ ȣ Ⱥ ΰ Ȱ ȿ ûҳ ָ μ ڻ 缭 ö ֺϺμ ּ õ ö õ ǹ̿.


û = ȫ ûαǴ 112ġջȲ 112ġջȲ 112ġջȲ ֱ 湫ȹȭ ¿ ̰ ȳܻ ȯ Ⱥ Ȱ ּ ûҳ ġȸ ɸ õ ڹ ּ ü â ö ڽȫ ȭõ 湫ȹȭ() ȫǥ 湫ȹȭ() ȫ 湫ȹȭ() .


뱸û = ȫ ԰ö 112ġջȲ Ȳ ŵ 112ġջȲ Ȳ ֿ뼮 ̹ ؿ ȣ Ⱥ ̼ö Ȱ ֹ̼ ûҳ 뱸 ġȸ ڸ ߺμ ȣ ޼ ̻ 뱸 湫ȹȭ(ġ) ̸().


õû = ȫ ûαǴ ڰ 112ġջȲ Ȳ ƶ 112ġջȲ Ȳ ѻ 湫ȹ ִ ̿ ȳ ö ܻ ɻ ̹ ̻ Ⱥ Ȱ 賭 õ ġȸ ߺμ ö Ȧ ȯ 湫ȹ() ̻.


ְû = ûαǴ 112ġջȲ 112ġջȲ Ȳ ȫ 112ġջȲǻȲ ȳܻ Ⱥ õ Ȱ ûҳ 賲 μ μ μ 湫ȹȭ() ȫ.


û = 112ġջȲ ⵿.


û = ûαǴ 112ġջȲ Ȳ 112ġջȲ Ȳ ڼ 湫ȹȭ ȣ ȳܻ ȿ ɻ ̻ ׳ ѵ ̹ 뼼ȣ м ȯ Ⱥ Ȱ ȣ ûҳ 輺 ȭ ġȸ 뱤 μ ̿.


ϰû = ȫ ö ûαǴ 翵 112ġջȲ 112ġջȲ 112ġջȲ ̺ 湫ȹȭ 輺 ̸ ȳܻ ⿵ Ⱥ ̱ ġȸ ûû 鼮 ̱ȯ ̴ õ ȫ 湫ȹȭ() ȿdz.


泲û = ȫ ȣ ûαǴ ۽ 112ġջȲ Ȳ 112ġջȲ Ȳ ͺ ɻ ö ̹ 躴 м Ⱥ Ȱ Ȱä ûҳ û ġȸ ѻ õȵ 躸 ƻ꼭 ̿ ּ 꼭 ű ο ȣ õ ȯ ݻ꼭 û缭 .


ϰû = 112ġջȲ Ȳ ι 112ġջȲ Ȳ ä 湫ȹ â ȳܻ ϼ ɻ μ ̹ ȫ м Ȱ ° ȣ ϵ ġȸ ּ õ ̼ ȵ ̵ õ ֺ ּ ȹ õ â ּ ĥ ̽¸ Ǽ ȣ ȭ ⼮ ûۼ 缭 ֹ ̼ 湫ȹ() 湫ȹ() .


泲û = ûαǴ 112ġջȲ Ȳ 112ġջȲ Ȳ Ȳöȯ 湫ȹȭ 輺ö ڵ ܻ ̺ ȯ â Ȱ ϻ 󳲵 ġȸ ߺμ ؼμ о缭 躴 â ӿ ڻ ϵ ö Ծ缭 ȯ û Ƿɼ Ű 湫ȹȭ() ں.


û = ȫ 112ġջȲ Ȳ ں 112ġջȲ Ȳ 湫ȹȭ տ ȳܻ Ⱥ ڽ ûҳ 걤 ġȸ 뼮 μ Ϻμ .


λû = ûαǴ ̺ 112ġջȲ 112ġջȲ Ȳ 112ġջȲ Ȳ ӿ 112ġջȲ Ȳ ¿ 112ġջȲǻȲ ö 湫ȹ 湫 â ȭ ȳ Ź ܻ ̻ ɻ ɻ ǰ ȫ¿ ذ ̹ 翵 ݺ˼ ¿ Ⱥ ڵ Ȱ ûҳ λ걤 ġȸ ȣ λ ĥ μ ڿ빮 μ ڱ Ϻμ Կ 湫ȹ() â.


= ȹ° ڰ а л .


簳߿ = л ̿.


߾Ӱб =  ΰ μ ȹ ö.


=  ؿ Ȳ.

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